Why Finetrain?

In India, only ~ 1 in 10 entrepreneurs who contemplate entrepreneurship ends up starting a business. Further, less than 10 per cent of those who start a business, survive beyond 3 years. Chances of entrepreneurial success are much lesser in absence of reliable information on market prospects, capital needed, breakeven time, and regulatory compliances.

FineTrain helps you reach out to experienced industry experts. These experts are mostly successful business owners themselves who can provide valuable insights on opportunities and challenges of new markets. And if you would like detailed evaluation of your idea, our research team can support you with project feasibility and market viability assessments as well.

How it Works?

Consult an expert

Connect with the suitable expert to get valuable insights on your business queries related to products, machines, technologies, markets and regulatory compliances

FineTrain team supports you to get the best out of expert interaction

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Commission a market assessment study

A combination of primary research, secondary research and financial assessment to help you understand viability of your business idea,

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