Business Opportunity in Tamarind Processing in India

Tamarind is a popular spice and the products from Tamarind family are being used in Indian food since ages. Tamarind pulp is commonly used in all households, restaurants, roadside eateries etc in food preparations. Not just the fruit, even Tamarind seed powder is extensively used in industries such as Textile, Paper, Confectionary, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.


India is the world’s largest producer of tamarind products, with a production of over 200 thousand tonnes[1]. Tamarind is cultivated in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Pondicherry and Mizoram (see the picture below).


The value of the production of tamarind in India is estimated to be around Rs.1608crs[2], exports account for over 11% of the total value. Processed tamarind is exported mainly to European and Arab countries.


The capital requirements for a tamarind pulp making unit should be around Rs 50 lakhs including machinery and working capital needs.  The budget for the seed powder unit would vary, depending upon the process. For a totally integrated unit that includes roasting and removing the skin, grinding the seed and processing the seed powder into starch, the budget would exceed Rs. 1 crore. However, the capital requirements would reduce if one purchases clean seed (pappu, where the skin has been removed).

The biggest challenge in this business is raw material availability, also the area required to set up a processing facility would be upwards of 10000 sft.

Budget Estimation for Tamarind Processing Units


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We can help you start “Tamarind Processing Industry” through number services as shown below:

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  2. Viability of setting up a Tamarind processing unit.
  3. Identifying most cost effective local suppliers for tamarind manufacturing unit.
  4. Connect you with the experts who can help you in setting up the tamarind processing plant.
  5. Preparing the detailed project report.
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[1] Source: NHB, production figures are for 2014 -15.

[2] Assumed average price of tamarind is Rs. 80/kg which is then converted into tonnage price and multiplied with the total production of 200 thousand tonnes.

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Business Opportunity: Animal Feed Manufacturing

India’s animal feed industry, currently valued at around $ 15 billion[1] is expected to double in the next five years.  The feed consumption is estimated to be 21.5 million tonnes, of which cattle feed accounts for 7.5 million tonnes, aqua feed 1 million tonne and poultry feed around 13 Million tonnes.

The state of Telangana and AP contribute to a large chunk of Indian feed consumption, as can be seen in the table below. Given the large size of the industry and its growth, it presents an attractive opportunity for small and medium enterprises.

Animal feed industry in AP and Telangana


Competitive landscape of the Industry

The industry is competitive, with international, national and regional companies vying for the market share.  The table below provides information on important players in AP and Telangana.

Animal feed companies in AP and Telangana


Manufacturing process and budget

The feed manufacturing operations comprise four steps; raw material preparation, mixing and grinding the feed, palletisation and packaging. The plant capacity typically starts from 2-3 tonnes per hour to 15 tonnes per hour.

Animal feed manufacturing process


An automated plant with a capacity of 3- 5 tonnes per hour can cost up to Rs. 40 lakhs. Considering the machines and raw material inventory and infrastructure required to store the raw material, the budget requirement for the unit could be up to Rs. 1 crore.

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  • We can help you assess viability of animal feed and related opportunities through a number of services including market research, detailed viability assessment and technical consultation.
  • We also offer support in executing your ideas by connecting you with sector experts and professionals.

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[1] As per Yes Bank report on The Indian Feed Industry – Revitalising Nutritional Security

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