Green businesses

Green businesses

Biodegradable Plastics, Energy from Waste, Plastic recycling, Electronic waste recycling, Green building material

About the Industry:

The opportunity for green businesses is increasing, due to enhanced environmental consciousness among consumers and a changing regulatory landscape. Over the past decade, a number of regulations including e-waste, solid waste management, and hazardous waste management have been made stricter.

  • Governments are increasingly incentivising green industries through policy related measures. For example, BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has made it mandatory for bulk generators of waste (i.e., those who generate more than 100 kg of waste), such as housing complexes to segregate waste and compost it in-house, leading to an increase in demand for waste composters and related equipment. The government is also promoting usage of Biogas, recently (in October 2018) the oil marketing companies (OMC) have invited participation from entrepreneurs to set up bio CNG plants, these plants will have a buy back agreement with the OMC that will sell the gas.

    However, most green businesses have yet to achieve the scale to make them sustainable. Availability of clean waste remains the biggest challenge across all waste streams such as e- waste, plastic bags, laminates, household waste etc. PET recycling /tyre recycling are few success stories, where the waste collection has been streamlined.

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