Manufacturing Fruit Bars: Solar Dehydration Technology

Fruit bars are healthy, nutritious and minimally processed,  thus make a great snack. Fruits such as Mangoes and Guavas are very widely cultivated in India. Given their pulpy constitution, these fruits are well suited to be processed into a bar.

Rising demand for healthy snacks, ample availability of fruits and relatively modest capital requirements make fruit bar manufacturing an attractive opportunity for small businesses.

Solar Dehydration Technology

Traditionally fruit bars were made by sun drying the fruit, the process is prone to contamination, making the product unfit for consumption. The process of solar dehydration refers to dehydrating the pulp in solar dryer, which dries the fruit evenly and keeps it safe from contamination. This technology is provided by SEED (Society for Energy and Environment Development), an NGO based in Hyderabad.


Fruit Bar Manufacturing Process



The minimum viable size of the project is 1 tonne per annum  and the cost of machinery (fruit pulper, boiler solar dryer and quality testing equipment) is around Rs. 10 lakhs. The total project including working capital and marketing budget can be set up within Rs. 15 lakhs. The land requirement would be around 800 sft, of which atleast 300 sft should be open space that gets direct sunlight.

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