Our Clients

Our clients include both entrepreneurs and institutions that work towards entrepreneurship development.

Some of our assignments for Entrepreneurs - Recent reports

FineTrain has undertaken assignments for identifying business opportunities, assessing project viability, understanding the regulatory framework, generating client lead opportunities (both domestic and exports across several entrepreneurs. To name a few
Industry type Assignments
Agri and Food Processing

Neem Based Products, Ghee Manufacturing, Canned Fruits, Online Portal for Agri Products, Manufacturing Vitamin Drink, Cold Storage.

Plastics and Building Material
Flexible Packaging, PET Recycling, Building Material Testing Lab.
Waste Management
Organic Fertiliser From Poultry Waste, Fertiliser From City Waste, Fuel Briquette Manufacturing.

Our clients - Institutions

Picture1 MANAGE, Hyderabad
Training on understanding business viability and preparation of bankable project report
Picture1 Commissioner of Industries, Hyderabad
Policy study - industrial incentives for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Picture2 MSME Di Balanagar, Hyderabad Entrepreneurship development Programme- How to start a catering business”
Picture3 National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, Hyderabad Entrepreneurship development Programme- How to raise funds
Picture4 Society for energy and Environment development (SEED), Hyderabad Entrepreneurship development programme- How to raise funds
Picture5 Institute For Small Enterprise Development (ISED), Cochin
  • A survey of three clusters (Chittoor mango processing, Machlipatnam Jewelry and Hyderabad Foundry) in Andhra Pradesh
  • Studies related to small businesses financial health
  • Study- start up financing programmes
Picture6 Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE), Hyderabad Entrepreneurship development programme- How to raise funds


  • It was pleasure working with you and your team. We have learned so many things as a startup, we look forward to work with you in future.

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    Mr. Akash.A.K,
    Founder & CEO, Anaxx Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
  • We had engaged Fine Train to access viability of manufacturing Organic manure. They have done a comprehensive job.

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    Mr. Shirish Dhopeshwar,
    CEO, Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Limited.
  • I had engaged FineTrain to develop the business plan for my company, they were very helpful.

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    Mr. Harish Teja .A
    MD, Krupa Hi-tech Global Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • I engaged FineTrain for business opportunity advisory regarding viability assessment for neem based products. FineTrain team evaluated the opportunity thoroughly including technology,  raw material availability, markets and financial viability.

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    Mr. Prasad
  • I engaged FineTrain to assess profitability and working capital requirements of manufacturing millet based products. Finetrain team is professional and proactive, they developed a comprehensive project report and also assisted me in sorting out my CIBIL score related issues.

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    Mr. K. R. Sanjay Kumar
    Founder, Millets n cereals food products Ltd.

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