We partner with you in your entrepreneurial journey right from when you start thinking about new business opportunities. Talk to our experts to get more insights on new markets and products or commission a detailed market assessment study.

Consult an Expert

Our experts are senior industrialists and domain experts with experience of over 10 years in a specific field. An expert consultation is typically done through a phone call, lasting up to an hour.

  • You send your request online by clicking here
  • Our team contacts you to understand your requirements better
  • We match you with the right experts
  • Profile of expert is shared with you
  • We help you prepare for the consultation
  • We send you a summary of the discussion

Business Viability Studies

Assignment coverage
If you are planning to start a new business stream or add a new business line, we will help you gauge its viability.

  • Addressable Market Size - Details of potential customer in a specific location such as Hyderabad,Tirupati, Mumbai
  • Competitive Dynamics
  • Sourcing - Raw material and equipment providers in your location or location closest to your plant/office, contact details of key suppliers
  • Suppliers - Machinery supplier details, technology suppliers if required
  • Capex and working capital Requirements
  • Profitability, Breakeven, Internal Rate of Return, NPV
  • Subsidies and Approvals required - Incentives offered by the State Government

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