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We are a boutique consulting firm addressing capital raising needs of Green businesses. We assist climate entrepreneurs and companies in their capital raising initiatives with respect to equity, grant and debt.

Why Green Businesses

Climate-related disasters are impacting our lives significantly. In the last decade, several Indian cities /states (Kashmir, Chennai Kerala, and Mumbai) witnessed extreme flooding, resulting in loss of livelihoods and business. Further, frequent droughts and short spells of intense rainfall have impacted agriculture productivity and farmer income.

A large number of start-ups and SMEs are addressing climate change via technology and data-driven solutions in agriculture, renewable energy, water, and waste management. Our mission is to assist such companies in accessing capital so that they can scale up their operations and in turn make our world more livable.

We work with companies that are contributing to UN Sustainable development goals (SDG) related to mitigating climate change and promoting responsible consumption.

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The change in investment narrative around climate change solutions, a favorable regulatory landscape and availability of scalable climate ventures are helping
Why climate startups should turn to corporates for fundraising...Read More

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Wow, a fund for Indian companies to improve their ESG standards so that they can meet the ESG guidelines/requirements of their customers.

Lovely read, Earth has 300 times more sodium than lithium, and sodium batteries are catching up on energy density too

It’s crazy to me how most of us are now going to spend the majority of our career working remotely, and if it hadn’t been for the pandemic we’d have all just kept going to offices for 8+ hours every day.

Makes you wonder what else we’re all doing just because everyone else is.

The Liveability Challenge, is inviting applications from startups that offer solutions in related to decarbonization (carbon capture, Hydrogen), Food (plant protein, upcycling food waste) and nature based solutions.

In this episode, we have Pardeep Garg from @uravulabs, that is building a solar device to source safe drinking water from the air, a sustainable solution to address rising water scarcity.

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